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Russell Woleslagle
(717) 802-2589

Dude Dad,

Thank you for considering me to collaborate with you on your upcoming project. Your family and YouTube channel are an inspiration to me and my growing family. I'm excited about the opportunity to be a part of what you are doing. I appreciate your consideration for why I could be the right person to collaborate with for this project.


My name is Russell Woleslagle and I love to use my engineering knowledge and DIY grit to bring CRAZY build ideas into reality. In fact, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to doing just that. Professionally, I work as a Civil/Structural Engineer, where I design bridges and sometimes analyze building structures and houses. My undergraduate degree is in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, which gives me a unique blend of creative tinkering tools and engineering knowledge, to upgrade any DIY project.


Those tools include:

  • Extensive experience with 3D virtual modeling and rendering of a design. It can be helpful to see how a project will work or look, before building it in real life. I have 3D modeled my entire house to show my wife what our remodels will look like BEFORE we do them. I also use 3D modeling tools on most of my builds. It can be helpful for part planning of DIY furniture and for creating 3D printed or machined parts. If we collaborate on this project, I could help with 3D virtual modeling, during the planning stages. I have extensive experience using all of the major 3D modeling programs, including Fusion 360, Solidworks, Sketchup, and AutoCAD.

  • I have the experience that is needed if this project requires electrical smarts, such as designing an electrical circuit or microprocessor to do certain tasks. This can help level-up a DIY project. Two recent examples are the Christmas tree star circuit that I designed to change LED color when the water dries up. I've also built a picture frame for my bathroom that lights up and makes an alarm noise when the toilet seat is left up. Also, I used a microprocessor to surprise my sister with a light-up acoustic guitar tuner. It listens to the strings and then colors the inside of the guitar, based on whether the string is flat, sharp, or in-tune.

  • I have lots of experience using mechanical components such as motors, pistons, springs, and valves to create fun and interesting builds. One example is the coffee bar faucet that I made to dispense cold brew coffee, on demand. I'm currently prototyping a build that combines compressed air, a webcam, and a raspberry pi programmable computer, to spray people with glitter if they knock on our door during our kid's nap time.

  • I have extensive experience with structural design and building. In 2015, I spent a summer in the country of Panama, constructing a wooden truss pedestrian bridge, alongside a local community. More recently, I built an epic playfort for my kids in our backyard. I also have experience remodeling my bathroom, putting new shingles on my roof, and building custom furniture.

My wife's name is Kiara. We have two kids, Asher and Luka, and our 3rd baby is due in November! We live in Pennsylvania, but I have the job flexibility and means to make several trips to Colorado, as needed. Depending on the project, some aspects could be done remotely. 

Thanks again for your consideration. I hope you find my DIY grit, enthusiasm, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural engineering experience to be exactly what you need to make this upcoming project idea, a reality!

Keep scrolling to see videos and photos of some of my CRAZY builds, and also my "Extra Points" response video.

Thanks again for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!

"Extra Points" response video

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